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Looking for a Coder

2011-02-06 20:42:35 by MrAbnormal

I've been working on a game for half a year, but so far the two coders I've had before didn't pull through on me. This is unfortunate, but over this time I've finished all of the art for the game. Oh yeah, and my last coder gave me what he had finished before i fired him. So that's right, if you sign up, not only will you have all the art assets ready from the start, you'll have a lot of code already done for you. There's a lot of the most important stuff done, so it should be a pretty quick job if you're interested.

You probably want to know what it looks like, so here's some art. I'll show a lot more if you contact me. http://filebox.me/files/9bixygxd2_imag eofgame.bmp

I have a lot more information, just contact me either here or by email. I'll show more art and specifications. Just talk to me and lets get this done.
EDIT: It's in as2


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2011-02-06 20:48:24

dude! i can type on the keyboard! is that coding?

MrAbnormal responds:



2011-02-06 20:52:38

game looks pretty good. just remove american flags and you are done.

MrAbnormal responds:

thats the whole point. hes supposed to be a parody of the traditional badass action hero.


2011-02-06 20:57:41

import flash.codes.games*
onEnterFrame = function(){
var mrabnormalsAMAZINGGAME = new Game(
gameDifficulty = "harsh" ;
violence = "AMAZING";


okay your game is done just b sure to add the proper movie clips!!!

MrAbnormal responds:



2011-02-06 21:14:24


MrAbnormal responds:

specially jack sparrow


2011-02-06 21:25:01


ok done.

70% rev share plz


2011-02-06 21:26:03

kevin im sorry but i already own 100%, i imported the libraries you just called the function ;__;


2011-02-06 21:30:41

Nah man, I totally did all the work.

Dibs on the sponsorship money.


2011-02-06 21:41:51

Hey, I'm interested. Here's what I'm capable of:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5 9b7eb9b5ab24b097136c9ea2a551ef7

Drop me a PM if you're cool with it.


2011-02-06 21:49:50

hey lambi, your shooting's a little flaccid there.

more info on game pls, just a shoot em up? seems pretty basic to me.

MrAbnormal responds:

its a wave based shoot em up with 3 enemies per level. 2 of them have the same actions (melee, shooting) and the third has something unique. I'm considering adding a 4th big dude but i'm not sure. are you interested?


2011-02-06 21:53:16

It's not really a game. Just a sandbox I was using to test out tiles with properties. Each tile is unique. White = solid. Skull = death, Blue = ice, and Arrowed = simulated wind, etc. I made this a while ago, I've been wanted to work on a project, but my art sucks too much. =(


2011-02-07 06:53:48

Cool looks great man, hope you find a decent coder! Btw you shouldn't really limit yourself to AS2 - I imagine a lot of the best programmers around would hate to start from someone elses code and end up starting from scratch anyway, so I would leave that up to the programmer!

MrAbnormal responds:

thanks! i don't want to really, its just that the previous coder did it in as2 and i think it would be much easier for people to already have a lot to start with.


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